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Some Ideas on Getting Referrals for Your Web Based Business

Web Based Business


The business over the internet is growing rapidly. Most entrepreneurs don’t succeed because they don’t know how to promote their business. A lot of firms over the web are referral based. What that means is they need to get other people to sign up to make money. I would like to give you some advice on getting referrals for your site or computer based business.

I have been working with referral based sites for almost a year now, and I have a good idea of what works and what don’t. Some sites will let you advertise for free or post your offers on their page. This kind of places needs to be taken advantage of. Any kind of site that you can post your ad on is just more exposure which will bring future prospects or customers.

marketing onlineThere are plenty of ways to promote your ads or your website, but the quickest and easiest way to find referrals is actually to pay for them. There are plenty of sites or forums that you can trade referrals or just pay for them. The people at these conferences are looking to sign up for your sites because they are getting paid to do it by you. All you have to do is find the right forum or site that allows you to advertise. Then put up your ad and let the folks know that you are willing to pay for their participation.

Other techniques that can be used to find referrals are the Google page rank system. Make yourself a blog and make your way up the ranks. Once you have gotten your page up in the ranks, you will be getting a significant amount of traffic to your blog, and if you have the links to your referral based site on the blog, you will be increasing your chances of getting referrals. I know some people that have high ranked pages in Google and get anywhere from five to twenty sign ups a day for free when most people are paying twenty dollars a referral elsewhere.

You could also try and work with someone else who has a high-ranked Google page. I know that many individuals don’t have a high-ranked Google page or don’t know how to get their page traffic. You could find someone who has a high ranked page and offers them money to display your links or banners on their page for so long. Some people won’t tolerate it, but there are a few good people out there that at the right price will display anything reasonable for you.

The last piece of advice I can offer you is to just be active on the web. Make sure you post on other peoples blogs and on forums. Put your links in your signature as well. Be careful where and how you post because you don’t want to become known as a spammer. Spamming is like sending an unwanted email. If you spam, you could get banned from a lot of sites. Make sure you do some research and find some good people to work with, and you will do just fine.