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Boogie Boards

If you are looking forward to simplifying the way of your living, then there are many ways using which you can make your life simpler as well as environment friendly. A boogie board is also one of them. It is a simple LCD screen on which you can write or draw or do various types of writing tasks. It is also the best way to save the paper as well as help the environment. People still use old fashioned pen and paper to write anything. Most of the people do their daily simple tasks such as creating the list of daily items, notes and many such things on paper. These boogie boards also work in a similar way and provide you with same work functionality. The only difference is that you will be writing on an LCD screen instead of paper.

The pen is almost similar to the traditional pen but without any kind of ink. These boogie boards are very easy to use and they look very attractive and high-tech as well. The boogie board is simply an LCD board which comes with a single erase button and a large 8 to 9-inch screen on which you can do many writing tasks. The entire board is powered by a battery which provides power supply to all the parts of the gadget. It is a light weighted wireless device that can easily be carried along with your purse, school bag, brief case or aesthetic bag.

Features of boogie boardFeatures of boogie board

Boogie boards provide you with many attractive features that make it a must to buy the gadget for kids, adults as well as for older people. The kids can use these gadgets to draw various types of drawings, for writing purpose, or for improving their handwriting using creative writing. The minimum age for using this gadget is 5 years. Some of the features that these boogie boards provide to the customers are listed below.

Multiple settings: These boogie boards provide you with multiple settings feature that you can use according to your needs. You can simply set the settings to home, school, office, or athletic field. Each setting will provide you with different features. You can simply write office notes on these boards or can plan your football strategy on these boards, or you can simply give it to your kids so that they can sharpen their creative handwriting skills.  The grownups can also use it to write their college lectures directly on the tablets. These tablets also provide boogie board ewriter facility using which you can directly transfer your college notes into the laptop or PC. The football coach can also sync these tablets with the projector to help the players to understand the game strategy on the large screen. You can do diagramming, list making, note taking, drawing, writing and many other various tasks with the help of these boogies boards.

Ease of use: These Ewriter tablets are easy to use and can be used in many different ways. You can write or draw anything on the tablet using the stylus that comes with it or you can simply use your fingers to write anything on it. When the screen is almost full, then you can simply use the erase button to erase all the things which are written on it. With traditional writing, you need an eraser to erase the whole page which is quite irritating as well as time taking. Using these tablets also helps you to save thousands of paper sheets that you use on a daily basis. Also, the kids will find it very interactive and simple to use. They will prefer to study for more hours on these tablets as they used to study using traditional pen and paper.

Pressure sensitive writing: This Ewriter tablet comes equipped with the hard protective screen that is compatible to work with people of all ages. Mostly stylus is used to write on it. You can also use your finger to write on it. But finger provides you with thick lines. With the help of stylus, you can change the thickness of lines that you can use to write or draw anything on it. The screen is pressure sensitive and works according to the pressure applied on it. Pressure on the large surface will provide you with thick lines whereas pressure on tiny area provides you with thin lines.